(OKR+C in the Lineage of Master Cedaior)

Thoth appointed Zohariel Grand Master Adjunct with jurisdiction in all of North America 

Cedaior ---> Jehel ---> Thoth ----> Mejneur -----> Zohariel ----->  Brother W

  Introduction:  During the course of his life, Brother Cedaior was simultaneously involved with many different Esoteric Orders and/or Research Groups. Because of this, while attempting to write this paper I have found it almost impossible to strictly keep to just the History of the Cedaior Lineage of the OKR+C, so I have included a brief summery of the Founding of the OKR+C and with what was later called the Ruling Council of Twelve, said to be composed of the six known Initiates of: Stanislas de Guaita, Papus, Oswald Wirth, Sar Peladan, Paul Sedir, Francois Charles Barlet and the collaboration of six unknown brothers. The research material itself is taken from English, Spanish, French and other sources within the public domain and private collections or conversations.

   To give a better over-all picture, I have decided to present this study in the form of a Timeline that will include brief information on his activities with other Esoteric Organizations or individuals and even beyond.  (At a later date) When an individual or group is mentioned, clicking on the name will take you to a brief biography/history.

"My prayers are that this paper will be of some value to Brothers and Sisters everywhere!"

 (Special thanks go to Brothers Zohariel, Ezrael, Bogaard, Fiducius, and many others for their contributions that made this study possible. Any comments, questions, corrections or other....will be gladly accepted!)

This is a work in progress….to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe!



Before the Triple Flame,

Brother W  

S:. I:. I:. L:. (“Free Initiator” OMCC and AMO)

Illuminated Brother of the Rosy + Cross (ALEPH) a

Master Elus Cohen 

 (First released February 27, 2005 and updated November 26, 2005)








(Sar Cedaior)


Albert Raymond Costet-Conde de Mascheville (September 1872 - January 22, 1943)

...was born in Valence France in September of the year 1872.

1885 at the age of 13 he leaves to study violin at the Conservatory of music in Paris.

In 1892 he received his Martinist initiation from Yvon Leloup (Sédir )

Then in 1893 Jules Doinel personally initiated Brother Cedaior into the Gnostic Church.

While in Paris, and on his many travels during his lifetime; he would meet and affiliate with many Esoteric Initiates and Initiatory Orders, a partial listing follows:

Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (March 26, 1842 - February 5, 1909) introduced Brother Cedaior to Guaita in 1887

Philippe Nizier "Master Philippe" (1849 - 1905)

   A. Philippe Nizier (1842-1905), who used magnetism as a healing-technique, attracted many followers at the time. Among them were occultists like Papus, Marc Haven (Dr.Lalande), Sedir, Phaneg etc. There are Martinists who claim that 'Papus' was chosen to create the O:.M:., at the time  he became one of the companions of Philippe. Papus wrote a text called "the Incarnation of the Elect" which is often referred to as "proof". 

Papus (July 13, 1865 - October 1916)

Papus wrote many articles on the ' healing-techniques' of Maitre Philippe whom he met in either 1886 or 1887.

Papus' method of treatment often started with an observation of the patient's aura to support his diagnosis. Papus' method of treatment evidently appealed to the Vital Life-Force of the patient. Papus' classified diseases in three 'classes' ;

Diseases of the Body (fevers, traumas)

Astral Diseases (tuberculosis, cancer) , can be treated by Homoeopathy and Magnetism

Diseases of the 'Spirit' (epilepsy, hysteria, madness), can be treated with the help of 'Magic'. According to Papus this kind of disease has its root in "Evil", and is therefore not subject to one's Karma. Papus' first actual teacher in the intellectual aspects of occultism was the Marquis Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909). Saint-Yves had allegedly inherited the papers of Antoine Fabre d'Olivet (1768 -1825), one of the great teachers of French occultism. Papus was also a believer of Saint-Yves' concept of Synarchy.

From these days on, Papus would always refer to d'Alveydre as his "Intellectual teacher". Maitre Philippe' (Philippe Nizier) as his "Spiritual Master" and Peter Davidson, whom Papus called "one of the wisest of the Western Adepts", as his "Practical Master".

In 1887 Brother Papus was elected President of the "GROUPE INDEPENDENT DES ETUDES ESOTERIQUE".

This association attracted many popular mystics living in France at the time. They were collectively known as "LES COMPAGNONS DE LA HEIROPHONIE". Included were men like Victor Michelet, Josephin Peladan, Paul Sedir, Lucien Chamuel, Stanislas De Guaita, Albert Poisson, Ch.F.Bartlet (Alfred Foucheaux), Gary de Lacroze, Augustin Chaboseau, Phaneg (Descormiers), Silva, Marc Haven, Dr.Rozier, Jollivet-Castelot, etc. Many of them were Theosophists, as well as initiated Martinists of one or other chain.

By 1913, Papus was associated with the: OKR+C,  R+C de Orient, Martinist Order, Order of Elus Cohen, Memphis+Mizraim, Rite of Swedenborg, OTO, Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, Gnostic Church (Église Gnostique). 

Oswald Wirth (1860-1943) met S. Guaita in 1887 and later became Secretary for the OKR+C

Auguste Mariette-Bey

Yvon Leloup "Paul Sedir" (January 1871 - February 1926)

Jules Doinel (1842 - 1902 or 03?) In 1890 he would as Valentin II found the Gnostic Church (Église Gnostique).

Stanislas de Guaita (5am, April 6, 1861 - 1897..rumered to have died of a morphine over-dose)

Albert Faucheux "Francois Charles Barlet" (1838 - 1921)

Jules Lermina (1839 - 1915)

Sister Allopair

Ida Hofman

Sister Rose L. de Robinson

Walter Bauer

Auguste Reichel (Sar Amertis)  who later would represent in the FUDOSI: Confrerie Des Freres Illumines De La Rose+Croix, Ordre Ancient Et Mystique De La Rose+Croix [AMORC-Switzerland]  (Sar Amertis representing Sar Alkmaion), Societe Alchimique De France, Ordre Des Samaritains Inconnus

Back to Brother Cedaior...

In 1895 at the age of 23... we find Brother CEDAIOR, already S.I. IV and Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Martinist Order of PAPUS, organizing Martinist Lodges inside France, inspecting and instructing others, meanwhile preparing himself for a trip to Egypt.

Exoterically: he was sent to Egypt on an official mission of the French Government, in the capacity of scientific investigator in acoustics and archaeology (specifically studies the old instrumental forms of the Egyptians). That was the official mission, obtained through the influence of Martinist Brothers in governmental circles.

Esoterically: the fact is that Brother Cedaior was sent to Egypt on confidential mission of the Martinist Order and the Order of the Kabalístic Rose+Croix, to make contact with certain old Brotherhoods and to verify certain studies on symbolism and ceremonial initiations there.

The results of the secret mission was never published, but it is known, in the Orders that the information allowed Sedir and Papus to better document certain points of the old structure of the Temples (architecture, sacred geometry and rituals?) and of its lessons. While in Egypt, Brother Cedaior visited Damieta, Alexandria, Karnak and remained for a while in Cairo with his friend Mariette-Bey, who was at that time then Conservator of the Museum of Cairo and later became perhaps best known for the discovery of what is called "The Inventory Steele of Khufu" (Cheops) which appears to be a sort of shopping list of materials that suggests that Kufu was NOT the builder of the Great Pyramid, but rather was only involved with RESTORING an already ancient sacred monument!

From 1898 to 1909 his activities were mostly focused on developing the esoteric information he received in Egypt. Along with Brother Sedir, they began experiments in psychometry and astral visions in the "Memory of the Nature" that related to his previous researches done in Egypt. Some of the experiments were concerned with investigating over 1000 photographic plates of sacred sites, as well as small fragments taken from the Temples at Karnak, the Sphinx and certain Pyramids as well as of other underground Temples of Egypt.

Additionally, some Martinist Sisters who were excellent sensitive "magnetic subjects" were also involved with the experiments and lent themselves to serve as instruments in the research and verifications. Chief among them was Sister Allopair, Lucien Moutin, and others, conducted experiments on exteriorization of sensitivity, and on the levitation of live bodies. One such experiment allegedly resulted in a levitation or suspension in the air, with the feet approximately one foot off the ground.

The activity of Brother Cedaior in Paris can be said to be essentially a collaboration with Stanislas de Guaita, Papus, Sedir, Charles Barlet, Jules Lermina and others, in the role of researchers on the, Egyptian and Eastern Traditions in general, and of spreading the symbolism into its related esoteric fields. This work would be continued partly within the "Groupe Independent De Etudes Esoterique" (G.I.D.E.E.) of which Brother Cedaior would become a member of the Teaching Faculty.

In 1906 Herr Krumm-Heller (the 'Heller', his mother's maiden name; was only hyphenated onto the 'Krumm' in Spanish) is recorded as taking part in experiments on the sense of smell conducted by "Papus" in Paris and its seems possible that he had met with Sar Cedaior at that time.

In 1908 Krumm-Heller received the Memphis-Misraim grades of 90° and 95° from Theodor Reuss in Paris. He was a disciple of Bishop Clement (under Bricaud's aegis), and of the Martinist Girgois (in Buenos Aires), Papus, and the American Peter Davidson of the H.B. of L, Krumm-Heller would later set up a number of Memphis & Mizraim Temples in South America under Papus' jurisdiction. Krumm-Heller not only befriended Reuss, but also Franz Hartmann and the high-grade Mexican freemason Don Jesus Medina.

Meanwhile along with Brother Oswald Wirth, Brother Cedaior made a tour of the jurisdictions of the Masonic Lodges (Ancient Primitive Rite, Swedenborgian Rite and others) in Paris and the surrounding areas, to stimulate the study of the Esoteric Tradition and Symbolism that was the result of his Egyptian mission and their follow-up experimental researches. He was disappointed in the results and failure of such a campaign, and dismisses it with the comment: "French Masonry wants to be a social and political power and not concerned with the esoteric traditions or teachings!"

In 1910 the initiation chain of Cedaior continued on in South America when Brother Cedaior and his family left France and moved to Argentina.

In 1910 Brother Cedaior embarked on his personal mission by leaving for the South America, there he felt the geography and people had less karmic accumulation and where the promise of greater cycles of peace would allow him to construct something with more stability. Thus began the fulfillment of the prophecy that the Gnostic Teacher gave to him in Paris.

We find that on February 26, 1910 he and his family arrived in Buenos Aires. He settled down in a place called Joinville, which is known today as Santa Catarina. A friend of Albert Costet, Ida Hofman, had previously arranged for his home in Argentina.

Hofman, an Austrian piano-teacher, had founded the utopian vegetarian commune of Monte Verità, in the Swiss canton of Ticino, in 1900 along with Henri Oedenhoven. The commune functioned as a center for what the historian James Webb would later call the "Progressive Underground."  (Note:  In 1916, Theodor Reuss would moved to Basle, Switzerland and establish "A National Grand Lodge and Mystic Temple" of the O:.T:.O:. and the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light at Monte Verità.

When he arrives in Buenos Aires at the beginning of 1910, he immediately begins to adapt to the atmosphere, studying the conditions of life, language, etc. and begins to focus on the material needs of himself and family.

From 1910 to 1914 his esoteric activities there were reduced to sporadic visits to Lodges, Theosophical groups, and Spiritualist societies to make individual contact with people who would later become future collaborators of something more concrete, meanwhile he observes, classifies, compares and synthesizes the esoteric teachings with his own researches. 

In 1914, shortly before the beginning of the First World War, one of the Eastern Teachers with which Cedaior was in communication with in several of his "astral travels" , especially 1895-1900, and with which he saw was possible for them to be materialized in the meetings of certain esoteric groups in Paris.

One of those Teachers appeared to Cedaior and declares to him that "the moment has arrived" for fulfilling the mission that Brother Cedaior had accepted previously in a certain meeting of the Great Frat:.B:. He adds that the Teacher also communicated that: "the war will come, will call to you, but you will not go".

Cedaior, as I said, was experiencing the higher activities of his initiations and personally experienced intuitions that facilitated the return of his communication with the great Teachers. The physical and visible events of the concrete world would later confirm the words of his Teacher. Indeed, when the French mobilization arises, Cedaior is called to appear at the Consulate in Buenos Aires. Can you imagine his surprise when upon arriving, he was declared "exempt" from all service because of a previous injury to his knee?

The Spiritual Teacher returns to give further instructions to Brother Cedaior declaring: "to execute soon what will be dictated to him at whatever the cost "

Nace(?) the second son of Cedaior would be born under peculiar conditions that give Brother Cedaior the key to the discovery of the Law of the Astro-genesis(?) and the conscious Reincarnation related to conscious Procreation, whose details were later exposed in his work "Book of the Laws of Vayu".

1914 up to 1919, the esoteric activity of Brother Cedaior can be characterized by long retirements  in meditation and the attempt to record the channelings of his Guru whose manifestations are almost daily. Under their communications Cedaior writes the whole "Book of the Laws of Vayu". Some parts are only comments made by Cedaior to the doctrine revealed by the Guru and one that constitutes the precursory core of the celestial birth potential Sixth Sub-race, on the 13th of February, 1916.

For Cedaior, communication with his Guru becomes more natural, the spirit takes him more and more away from mundane activity and for four long years he devotes himself to absolute chastity, and a more and more accented indifference for the profane and professional activity. This tended to unbalance the material situation and inspires Cedaior to break all ties to the mundane and surrender freely to his destined path.

He attempts to communicate the revelations that he has received within esoteric circles, and except for few people his efforts don't draw much interest. However, under the cultural aspect that is of more interest to Cedaior, he looks for a certain awareness and begins to prepare a small inner group for initiation.

However, some theosophists, freemasons and liberal students hear the teachings with interest and in homage to the memory become dedicated students of the Teacher. It should also be mentioned that Sister Rose L. de Robinson helped to carry out the English version of the "Book of the Laws of Vayu" and gave moral, spiritual and material support in all the endeavors of Cedaior, at that time.

Tentatively, Cedaior attempts to disseminate the Gnostic and Rose-Croix teachings  simultaneously, as well as the Doctrine of the new Sub-Race or Creation (perhaps this is a reference to the newly regenerated man or reintegrated man or "New Man"?), and the eventual foundation of his "Expected Church". (Iglecia Expectante - Gnostic Expectant)

17th of August  1919, the enterprise fails as an organization, but the spirit left the fertile seed deposited in many organizations and minds of the people that still exist even today and they are linked in one way or another to the work of the Teacher.

An interesting side detail concerns Gematria of the Kaballah, while all those activities were being carried out, Cedaior lived in Olive Trees, and the headquarters has its group with the street address of Viamonte 666 in Buenos Aires. 666: the number in the Apocalypse, it is also what his book largely commented on!

Brother Cedaior takes a trip to the South and arrives in Argentina (Chubut, Neuquén and to Chile) to study several things at the same time:

Astro-seismology: that is to say the ability to forecast seismic phenomena by means of the Science of Astrology, which he ends up being really remarkable in, as we shall see later.

To verify the existence of certain remainders of ancient traditions among the aboriginals. By means of the data that he obtained, on the one hand for the Sr.Curutchet at Buenos Aires, on the other hand for the Engineer Saurel - in the Neuquén - and finally for a different approach he focuses on an Indian tribe that has blue eyes and almost blond hair, native to Argentina. Cedaior then reconstitutes lost links and revives the tradition of amerindian and he connects these studies with those that he made already, of the akashic records while on the Island Vayu (bettter known as Easter Island).

He further verifies what has been told him by the Guru: that the Andean Mountain range has centers of intense energy forces at certain sacred spots for the spiritual government of the Continent and that certain beings -some humans and others divine -  is sometimes their residence at these energy centers.

He attempts the foundation of a Naturalist Vegetarian Commune to be located near the Nahuel Huapi , for the Sixth sub Race in these regions, but as always, failure arose for the lack of collaboration from the idealistic citizens who don't want to leave their armchairs. So Brother Cedaior returns to Buenos Aires.



                                                 Leo Alvarez Costet de Mascheville (Jehel)

In 1920 Albert Costet initiated his son, Leo Alvarez Costet de Mascheville (Jehel), into the Martinist Order. Albert Costet would later succeed Dario Velloso as Sovereign Delegate of the O*M* in Brazil.

In 1921, Cedaior takes on a very characteristic resolution to those that he trusts, to always teach everything in its entirety. He winds down his current activities and gets ready for a new trip to the region of The Pampas and also into the Andean region and later he will give his residence as Mendoza.

When leaving from Buenos Aires he leaves the special students to continue or not on the path and leaves his oldest son, Jehel, in full freedom to follow the normal life in a brilliant commercial and civil situation or to follow the hard path of realization. Jehel has already for years been interested strongly in esoteric/initiatory things. Before leaving, however, he puts Jehel in contact with a German Rose-Croix, Doctor in Philosophy and letters, and member of several European Academies. This contact was a very High Initiate who responds secularly to the name of Walter Bauer, having long hair to the waist and a golden beard, with a mystical aspect of a purity that gives him big blue eyes, transparent as that of a young boy. He could be, in that time, about thirty five years of age, and as an Indian, was a very evolved being, since physically it was what gives a strange perfection to his form, and with good proportions and beauty.

By now Brother Cedaior has abandoned everything to take on the life of a wandering Yogi on the South American continent, by virtue of a special mission, given by way of spontaneous reception of spiritual visions.

Cedaior arrives in the beginning of 1922 at Mendoza, where he meets with Jehel who has arrived before him, having taken a long trip for months, on foot, continuing with Walter Bauer, taking on a similar life style of the oriental Wandering Monks: always on foot, sleeping to the bleakness, in spite of the freezes, and eating what nature offers or what charity grants to the traveler. Walter Bauer, starting from a certain point gives the itinerary, he goes in another direction, but didn't want to be accompanied by anybody. It seems opportune to say that it should be pointed out that Bauer said that one of his objectives is to locate the radiations of certain currents of spiritual force that he began to notice in South Argentina.

In Mendoza, using their abilities and spiritual gifts, Cedaior and Jehel conduct researches in seismology and begin to make predictions. During that time, many earthquakes of importance take place, like the great earthquake of Japan, the one in Bolivia that almost destroyed the most important legal buildings, at San Rafael, Mendoza. Without counting many other ones of smaller importance, the predictions they made were so accurate that they receive the attention of several people that surround the Teacher and form a group of enthusiastic students interested in founding in Mendoza a Colony like Cedaiors visions had foretold, and making it possible for Cedaior, to save the life of the then Governor of Mendoza, Dr. Lencinas, by means of a visionary fore-warning concerning evidence of a plot that he discovered. Special official protection is given to the Teacher and, a little time later, they offer to give him big part of the beautiful valley of the Probe. There he is to establish the colony, but one of the conditions is that he must wait almost  two years so that the provincial government can allow the irrigation of the valley.

Brother Cedaior sends his son Jehel to France on a special mission to re-connect with the Traditional Esoteric Orders of Martinism, Kabalístic Rose-Croix and "The Veilleurs".

   (Note- Schwaller de Lubicz (1887-1962), mainly known for his works on Egyptology, gathered a little group of friends named "les Veilleurs", i.e."The Veiled Ones" or "The Watchers" to found a kind of research community dedicated to Alchemy near Saint-Moritz. This group is alleged to have stopped its activities in 1927 when Schwaller married and moved to the south of France.)

Brother Cedaior resolves not to wait for that long a time, so jointly with some friends and pupils, they resolve to buy some land in the area of San Rafael, in order to establish a Colony.

It is at this time when an incident of enormous importance takes place that will change the life and realization of the Teacher. Cedaior was, for many  years already, in correspondence with the Initiate Going Hoffman,  well-known in the Esoteric Orders of Initiation, and a known associate of Theodor Reuss and also the successor of Rudolph Steiner. Ida Hoffman (Rose-Croix, Co-Mason, and member of the Ordo Templi Orientis) had obtained through prior correspondence, the promise of Brother Cedaior to assist her in forming an Olympic Naturalist Colony.  Ida Hoffman had previous experience with such organizations, and had been the close assistant of Henri Oedenkoven, the founder of the celebrated Naturalist Colony of Mount Verita located near Ascona and under O:.T:.O:. Affiliation.  

Brother Cedaior, receives word concerning when he will sign for the purchase of the land for the colony in Mendocina, He writes a letter to Ida Hoffman informing her that he had been to Brazil and had already bought land there. Now Brother Cedaior prepares to leave for Brazil and councils his associates in Mendoza that they should continue with the project, according to his teachings. On the way to Brazil, he stops by Buenos Aires to check on his faithful pupils, among those are Mrs. Rosa Robinson, already mentioned and Dr. Miguel Angel Marquez.

On his way to Brazil, Cedaior disembarks at Montevideo where he will remain several weeks. Here he will make many deep and lasting friendships with the students of Roldan, with which are in charge of the musical system of Menchaca. They schedule a meeting with Brother Cedaior and along with Juan Geiss, Queirolo, Cotello, and many others, has several meetings on Esoteric subjects. Several strong connections with students from Theosophical, Masonic, Rose+Croix were made at that time and some connections still exist. 

In 1925  Master Cedaior replaces (Hairy Dario) Dario Velozo as Grand Master of the O:.M:. of Papus in Brazil and founds several Martinist Lodges starting with the city of Curitiba:

Hermanubis Lodge(August 22) in homage to his Initiation in Paris.

The following year 1926: Papus Lodge is established...


On the 22 of March 1927, the Venerable Master Cedaior , Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Martinist Order of Papus, installed in the city of Curitiba, (Brazil) the ORDER KABALISTICA of the ROSY+CROSS, with complete independence of his European continuation...thus the "Master Cedaoir Tradition" was born!

But the question arose: How would it be possible to cultivate the real devotion of the Divine and the Superior things, if we were not first able to feel the respect represented by the sacrifices and the wonderful accomplishments of the Teachers who preceded to us?...this kind of thinking is the reason the Order Kabalistica of the Rosy+Cross, completely respected and accepted, the directives drawn up by Stanislas de Guaita and his collaborators as it was originally written.

The members of the Kabalístic Order of the Rosy-Cross must respect the following conditions:

1) To be able to enter the first degree of the OKR+C you must be Superior Incognitos (S:.I:.) of a  Martinist Order.

2) The studies, are coordinated successively through the THREE degrees of the Kabalístic Order of the Rosy+Cross, that is those of Bachelor, Master and Doctor in Kabala. The student must fulfill the requirements of each degree and submit an examination. The student will not only be tested on theoretical, intellectual aspects of the degrees, they are indeed examined on the practical side of the degrees, in which the KNOWLEDGE must be proven by DESIRE, this confirmed by COURAGE and everything synthesized in MEDITATION. That is to say, in an ACTIVE SILENCE... it must be made their own!

It is in that Active Silence that Venerable Master Cedaior continues his work at the Head of the Kabalístic Order of the Rosy+Cross.

Around 1932, Jehel was transferred to Uruguay, settling in Montevidio, where he would found a branch of GIDEE (Group Independent of Esoteric Studies), bringing into it the Martinist Order of the original, founded by Papus. In 1942 the organization starts to publish the review ‘La Iniciacion’ The last issue is published in 1947. The magazine contained and reflected, the whole abundance of the high concepts and teachings, that, in GIDEE, Jehel taught for mutual understanding and improvement of the group under his direction the true esoteric and spiritualistic  transcendental wisdom of: Sufism, Yoga and Yoga-Theraputics, Kabbala, Esoteric Christianity, Hermetic Sciences, Astrology and Astro-sophia, and Transcendental Philosophy. The curriculum also included the teachings of Martinism , the Rose-Croix along with the mystic cures of Master Philippes' teachings, as well as Buddhism and Gnosis.

Brother Jehel was a member of several Orders and occult Fraternities of the East and Occident (West).

In 1936 Albert Costet (Master Cedaior) moved to Sao Paulo, and shortly after arriving appoints his son as President of the Martinist-Order.

On December 23, 1939, the Constitution of the Martinist Order of South -America is proclaimed in Porte Alegre, Brazil. The Constitution united all Martinists of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. The Martinist Order in South-America became independent on March 14, 1940. The Order decided to use the "Téder Ritual" of 1913.

In order to apply the other parts of the previously mentioned statement concerning the OKR+C, Dr. Jehel takes to the General Delegation from the OKR+C, with it's seat in Montevideo, on the night of the 25th of December of 1942, a Traditional Ceremony is performed to put in motion the influence of the Great Christic Tradition. Later, as it always is in the OKR+C, each member returns to the quiet action, working, serving, doing for the others... in HIS  name... h v s h y  and under the protection of "Elias Artist" (Note: this date is after when the Martinist Order of South America also declared their Independence. So at that time both the OKR+C [1927] and the OM [1940] were Independant Organizations...)

Periodically, the readers of "L' INITIATION" will receive, from the Brothers of OKR+C; lessons and directives to facilitate the approach to the Sanctuary in the measurement of their own conscious efforts, perseverance's and sacrifices in the Service.

ELIAS ARTIST illuminates them, and represents the Christ Spirit of transformation, that in their heart of hearts, guides them in the more brotherly ways, so that the "Christ" within constantly increases in strength, starting off of the knowledge of the mind, manifesting through the sacrifice of the heart, and arrives at the Integration and Synthesis of the Light, that in the West we call Illumination and in East Union with the Atman. (JEHEL, Dr. of Kabbalah, S.I.)

In more recent times:

The "Kabbalistic Order of the Rose+Croix" is seen as the "inner circle" of some Martinist Orders. The "Higher degrees" of the Martinist Order are the three grades of the OKR+C:

1st to 4th  = Associate thru S:. I:. IV  are the Martinist Degrees

5th to 7th  = OKR+C Degrees

The original OKR+C of Stanislas de Guaita did not confer any degrees but maintained a system of examinations of which each examination was granted with a diploma.

The order had three diploma degrees of: Bachelier (Bachelor), Licencie (Master) and Docteur en Kabale (Doctor of Kabalah).

Robert Ambelain "revalued" the OKR+C diplomas into "4 Initiatory Degrees", the so called "Rose-Croix" degrees:

The "Rose-Croix" degrees that Brother Ambelain used descended from different traditions:

S.I.I. - Martinist

RC de Kilwinning - Scottish Masonry

Réau-Croix - Elus Cohen

RC d'Oriënt - from Lagreze's R+C Order. Lagreze was initiated into the ' RC d'Orient' by Dimitri-    Semelas-Deon .

The "Rose-Croix" degrees act as a portal to the "Ordres des Chevaliers EASIA-EASIE", "Eques A Santo Iohanne Apostolo - Eques A Sancto Iohanne Evangelista"  which are associated with the Rose-Croix d Orient.

 In the magazine "L´Initiation", founded by Papus, an article appearing in 1889 says of the Order founded by Guaita:

"The distinctive sign of the members of the Supreme Council of the Kabalistic Order of the Rose+Cross is the Hebrew letter Aleph a.”


Other affilliations of Brother Cedaior:

Iglecia Expectante (Gnostic Expectant): Albert Costet, Viscount of Mascheville - Leo Alvarez, Viscount of Mascheville - Huascar "Thoth" C. Cruz - Edmundo Pellizari Benveng - Emanuele Coltro Guidi - Tau Vincent II. 

Gnostic Therapeutic Philippeista: Nizier Philippe - Albert Costet, Viscount of Mascheville - Leo Alvarez, Viscount of Mascheville - Huascar "Thoth" C. Cruz - Edmundo Pellizari Benveng - Emanuele Coltro Guidi - Tau Vincent II. 


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